If you can breathe you can heal

A bit of loving music to soothe the soul. Peace to all on this first Sunday of 2015.

May you be peaceful. 
May you be happy. 
May you be well. 
May you be safe. 
May you be free from suffering.

Words & Music: Karen Drucker

I breathe in, I breathe out
I take in, I give out
I let love, I let go
I release, I know…

I forgive, I receive
I can feel, I believe
I am healed, I am whole
I release, I know…

Chorus: Breathe, Breathe…

No need to push, no need to try
No need to worry or question why
Surrender, let go
Release, and know…

Chorus: Breathe, Breathe…

If you want some more music you can download (for free) try this very soothing meditative music at SoundCloud. Those tracks helped me through some mighty tough times when my body couldn’t self-regulate at all. Good stuff.


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