Sometimes my vagus nerve hurts

Well, that’s what I imagine is hurting because I can’t tell you exactly what hurts but it’s in that general area. It feels distinctly like it’s the nervous system but it’s impossible to really know. There are so many odd and often acute sensations involved in this sort of iatrogenic brain injury. They slowly over time diminish both in number and intensity.

My mother is visiting. It’s going very well, but I need lots of down time, too. She is staying nearby in a hotel with her husband, my very wonderful step-dad. I have been cooking a lot and hosting them in the house for meals. It’s great to spend time with my mother after six years of being unable to spend time with pretty much anyone at all.

This afternoon I came upon this music. It’s soothing my vagus nerve. I figured I would share. Sometimes music both soothes and allows one to go deeper into the pain simultaneously. I find both things to be helpful to the long-term process of healing. See: Healing the body/mind with the willingness to feel

Vagus nerve stuff here on Beyond Meds.

And here is a couple of pictures I also shared on Facebook of me with my mom, step-dad and husband. It’s very nice to feel connected with loved ones again.

me and paul

mom and ray

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