The gift of our bodies and the foods that we feed it

foodI wrote most of this post for The Receiving Project group which I posted about a couple of days ago. It’s got dietary info if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m healing and food continues to be a phenomenally important part of that gestalt.  Healing is many things synergistically coming together in my experience. And that kaleidoscope of things is likely to be different for every person. I’m sharing the post mostly as I wrote it for The Receiving Project, but I’ve made a few edits for the purposes of this blog.

Astonishing loveliness. This is a weird gift and may not mean much to most of you but it’s so HUGE and FUNDAMENTAL to me that I’m going to share it anyway. Yesterday afternoon I went to my amazing healing chiropractor man and he gave me a suggestion. B12. I’ve been trying to add B vitamins to my diet any way I can for a few years because I know I need them but my chronically ill body wouldn’t tolerate them. I’ve also been getting slowly better and better over that time as I’ve done other things my body could tolerate. (Herbs were a major help during that interim) It’s been a journey about learning to listen. So I’ve been doing other things to strengthen my nervous system in general (the nervous system needs B12 and my nervous system is shot to hell from a chemical brain injury) so when this doctor suggested B12 once again yesterday, I thought that perhaps it was time to, once again, try a natural whole food that holds a lot of B12…I know my nervous system well enough to not start with a vitamin in a pill or capsule, generally synthetic and full of other stuff. Anyway…long story short I ate some liver…that is what my body asked for after I considered my options and sat in contemplation.

I wrote the below for one of my healing groups last night where we are healing similar conditions:

“OMG and WOWEE…I’ve been wanting to tolerate B12 forever…knowing I need it but not tolerating supplements or liver. I finally got an (internal) go on eating liver again…now that I’m eating it, it’s like I’ve been shot up with a wonder substance…calming and energizing all at once…a thing of beauty. Last time I ate liver I got horrible histamine reactions…totally different now…but oh, wow…I’m so glad I don’t limit myself to plant foods because I’ve tried every plant source and I’ve tried supplements and nothing was tolerated. This is clearly taking me to the next level. My body experiences it as though it were pure LOVE.

you know liver is the perfect food for optimizing methylation it seems…it’s got lots of b6, b12 and folate…natures methylator.

I am in awe. My body is clearly a temple and it has guided me every step of the way…astonishing and lovely. And while my body ultimately knows — it’s needed the help of everyone here and so many other places too in order that I might learn enough to hear what it has always been saying. I am so grateful.”

The methylation issue is tied into the histamine issue that I’ve written a lot about. I’m not making explicit links to it in this post since it wasn’t written for this blog in mind initially. If you want more information please visit: Histamine intolerance round-up

Anyway, the gift is the man (chiropractor) who told me it was time to consider B12 once again. And it’s huge…perhaps some of you will understand just how huge…I don’t know. I am on a journey back from having been bedridden for 2 years…homebound for 5 and now still piecing wellness together. I’ve had to eat liver every 4 hours since I introduced it yesterday and when I do I continue to feel amazing. My body is quaking with joy. It’s utterly indescribable.

Again…this is weird but I’m sharing it anyway because this is my life and it’s wondrous and weird…this is my body and it’s awesomely connected to everything and it tells me what I need in every moment as I heal….it’s been doing that from the beginning of this trip into the depths of illness.

Also it’s been a practice in humility because my egoic self would prefer to not eat animals ever, but the wisdom of my body shows me that I cannot control everything and that I am deeply intertwined in creation. I take comfort in the fact that all of nature eats itself and I’m blessed with a consciousness that can recognize that I am part of this web of life, complicated and lovely as it is.

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