Consider the possibility that sensitive folks are not mentally ill


Consider the possibility that sensitive folks are not mentally ill.

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a sick society.” – Krishnamurti

Who are the really sick ones in society?

Those who pretend we are not all connected. Those who imagine they are not part of the sickness that impacts every human being.

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A reader’s comment: Medicated and Mighty are the Grateful Braindead.

My response: that’s too easy of a dismissal. I took drugs for 2 decades. I’m hardly braindead and my time on them taught me all I know to help others not be on them. That’s time well spent if you ask me. Life is a paradoxical adventure…that’s the only thing that is really clear.

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Many things that seem contradictory are simultaneously true. That is the nature of paradox and the nature of reality. We all within ourselves hold contradictory thoughts, feelings and beliefs as well. Maturity and wellbeing, is in part, a coming to terms with this.

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I really don’t have an issue with folks choosing psych drugs if that’s what makes sense in the context of their lives. The fact is our world is far from perfect and given the fact that better options are simply unavailable to a lot of people there are undeniably times with psych drugs actually are experienced as helpful. So given this bleak reality what I want to do is, at the very least, help people understand what they are choosing so that if and when circumstances allow they can make better more wholesome choices that will sustain their wellbeing into the future.

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People would prefer taking a fixed stance on most issues rather than grapple with nuance. It’s far easier and takes little thought to be dogmatic.

Approaching people with inflexibility tends to be met with inflexibility. That’s a non-starter if you want actual dialogue.

If you want to be heard you have to be willing to listen.


*it is potentially dangerous to come off medications without careful planning. Please be sure to be well-educated before undertaking any sort of discontinuation of medications. If your MD agrees to help you do so, do not assume they know how to do it well even if they claim to have experience. They are generally not trained in discontinuation and may not know how to recognize withdrawal issues. A lot of withdrawal issues are misdiagnosed to be psychiatric problems. This is why it’s good to educate oneself and find a doctor who is willing to learn with you as your partner in care. See: Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

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