The nervous system speaks, TV as transformative process, and foam rollers for trauma release

Musings from the process of the last few days with some links to more related information.

There is a small split left as the nervous system responds to promptings to be healed. There is the ego following those directions and there is life force. The ego is cooperating completely in every moment without any moments of more complete separation — it does still get tired and frustrated on occasion. Mostly though it’s just enjoying this amazing and awesome ride and the writing is on the wall. It’s clear that the ego IS the dysfunctional nervous system but it now understands that life force is helping it become whole and healthy so that it might understand itself as life force and so it’s totally on board to complete the job.

the ego at this stage is only cooperating…it’s not an evil thing…it actually responds to love and gentle care…and once it does it becomes enlisted into it’s own healing process. it’s like a small child that was never appropriately loved…once it knows that it is deeply accepted by life-force there is only healing.


I couldn’t watch violent or dark stuff on TV for many years…now, when programs are selected for by guidance, TV series and films both are helping me heal and transform shadow material…I love me my netflix tv! — good tv holds archetypal material from the collective unconscious and can be truly potent medicine that aids in the transformative healing process…either light or dark stuff…and for me healing has required a deep dive into all of it. ! We are the whole shebang. 


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click to view various options

Foam rollers FTW … the best self trauma release tool I’ve yet found… wowee!! So happy. I went to a class and used them this morning for the first time. Got a sense of their power and then tonight got an intuitive hit for what to do with my brand new purple foam roller — it moved some shit through so incredibly beautifully. Highly recommended. They detoxify the cells of the fascia as well as clearing out associated crap from the psyche. Our bodies are wondrous containers!! Getting to know mine is one of the most lovely pleasures of my life.

*if you want to try this be sure to start very carefully if you’re in the throws of psychiatric drug withdrawal and any associated syndromes. This is potentially very powerful and we can very easily overdo it when our nervous systems are highly challenged like they often are after psych drug withdrawal. I didn’t do this until now because it wasn’t appropriate earlier in my healing process. Everyone is different so if it calls to you to try it simply start small and listen to your body. 

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