Healing plants: mineral rich herbs for nourishment etc

My primary relationships right now are with the plants that are healing me. It’s an all encompassing love affair. What humans have never been able to give me, these plants are offering. Plant spirit medicine is for real. we are all one. nature is inherent to how we evolved. Whether we use the language of spirit or not, the fact is we’re in relationship with all that is alive on the planet. When we pay attention to those relationships we come into alignment with all of life.

It’s hard for me to understand when people don’t believe plants (herbs etc) can heal. Anyone who’s ever tried marijuana has got to understand that plants can indeed be very powerful. The fact is they’re endlessly diverse from a biological perspective and so they can help and support in endless ways.

For the record, I do not ingest plants that are traditionally considered hallucinogenic or highly psychoactive anymore and have not since I was a very young woman. I do, however, have a sensitivity such that I seem to have such relationships with all plants (foods etc) that aren’t generally thought of in that manner. I tend to feel the energies of the foods I eat and really everything I put in my body, so that is no surprise to me, but it’s not something most people talk about. It’s been a wonderful thing to connect with plants that are helping me heal. Many plants as ordinary as chamomile work for me in this way. Plants that are not considered herbal but food does too.

I generally do not recommend traditionally hallucinogenic plants for folks who have histories with naturally occurring altered or extreme states (to be clinical – that which gets diagnosed quite often as psychosis or mania). This is mostly because folks with access to those realms of the psyche generally don’t need additional help getting there with the use of these sorts of entheogenic plants and it can backfire pretty badly for that reason. Best to find those of us who know those realms and learn to heal together. See (video):  A message to those labeled by psychiatry

an example of a morning making medicine and nourishment:

IMG_20180607_092729_724Three infusions going right now: horsetail, red clover and a mix of oat straw and nettle. These are all mineral rich herbs. I’m taking bugleweed (tincture) for hyperthyroid (as I did in 2014 — it’s much trickier this time around) Anyway bugleweed is a metal chelator. Removing some heavy metals  can be a good thing.  Unfortunately it can also strip needed metals important minerals too when taken regularly. (photo is the red clover and oat straw/nettle. The horsetail is actually decocting on the stove (simmering)…. All these herbs keep my body healthy with lots of needed minerals.

What I love about herbal medicine is that it’s really about nourishment. It’s about feeding and healing the body/mind and spirit. Plants can do so much more than most (modern) people realize.

Oh! Mineral rich herbs tend to be quite soothing to the nervous system too. I didn’t used to tolerate them some years ago when I was coming out of the first drug induced brain injury. But now oat straw and milky oat seed are wonderfully soothing and calming and healing to the injured nervous system. Those of us with hypersensitivities caused by the psych drug withdrawal need to be careful. I didn’t tolerate these herbs for some years. Go slow and trust yourself. If they’re not helpful, they’re not helpful. I always had an intuitive sense that they would someday be helpful but if you don’t then trust that too. It’s in learning about our own body and it’s particular needs that true healing happens.


The human animal has a life of it’s own. Awareness cannot control or change the story in the ways we might like. It can watch and provide container. We watch and learn about this unique individual body. With acceptance, in this way, we learn about the organism that is the human species.

The truth is paradoxical and consciousness holds it all. Non-attachment means being able to utilize systems, frameworks and narratives when it makes sense while being able to let go as soon as it does not. Does it work for you? You’re the only one who can say. Does it work for me? I’m the only one that can say. Fluidity means these things can ultimately come and go like we’re swimming in ideas, concepts and frameworks.


Contrary to what people often imagine surrender, acceptance and lack of resistance is not the same as inaction. In fact surrendering can instead lead to clear, decisive and inspired action that would otherwise not be possible.


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