The most absurd (and probably accurate) study on depression ever

Here is a study where they treated Major Depressive Disorder with Botox. Yup! And the results were damn impressive.

Have at it. I’m not going to wax philosophical here. You guys start.

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  1. That is truly amazing. I’ve been a bit busy lately, what with planning to overthrow an empire and everything, so I haven’t been commenting as actively, but I’m still here reading, and continually impressed with the resources you provide to your readers.

  2. Well, if you think about all the other information that we have read on anti depressants being no better than a placebo, if you tell these people that botox might help, then it will, right?

  3. Boy, howdy, now I know why all the superficial, well preserved, wealthy women I run into don’t seem to be bothered by the things that are bothering the rest of us. It’s the botox parties!

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