Meditation increases pain tolerance

And I have no hesitation in believing that this includes mental distress and pain:

Zen meditation – a centuries-old practice that can provide mental, physical and emotional balance – may reduce pain according to Université de Montréal researchers. A new study in the January edition of Psychosomatic Medicine reports that Zen meditators have lower pain sensitivity both in and out of a meditative state compared to non-meditators. (read more here)

I wrote a story about my excruciating pain that magically disappeared once in a state of momentary enlightenment of some sort. Read it here.


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  1. Hi Gianna. Thanks so much for providing the single comment on the latest entry on my blog Am I Still Ill? and for attempting to sort out my tecchie deficiencies, even though they appear to be beyond the wit of woman to get your head around. Thanx, while I’m at it for being a great mentor to me and inspiring me in the first place to attempt finding an outlet for my boundless creativity in a blog in the first place.

    I wanna say this to you. All that spiritual stuff is great. The fact that it ain’t floating my boat right now is neither here nor there. In fact I can’t in all conscience recommend going on ten-day Buddhist retreats over Christmas and New year. In my case it seems to do the precise opposite of what it says on the tin.

    But it’s all about different strokes for different folks in this world. One size most definitely doesn’t fit all.

    And I have one last passing shot. Though unsure if that is the right term for a non-violent vegan. You are 100% right about medication not being the answer. Spiritual emergency, in most cases of psychosis, is precisely what is going on.

    Gianna, I just hope your impressive list of physical ailments is starting to ease up now. I wish you health and wholeness from the bottom of my heart my good Italian-American friend and kindred spirit. What is more I know it will eventually be yours. God or whoever cannot possibly destroy such a wonderfully giving and loving person as yourself. As you said yo me in the course of my last episode of mania ‘I just wish there was something I can do’. Three may be nothing I can do, but take at least these words to your heart and know that I hold you in my inner healing light.

    And that’s from a gal who don’t usually talk in those New Agey Ways, right? Who is not just a Psychiatry sceptic, but a most-other-things sceptic too. I’m being ejected from the premises now hon. Otherwise I would write more. Please keep commenting on my blog or emailing me. Love, your virtual soulmate Zoe. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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