Bubble-gum flavored amphetamine for children

There’s a new bubblegum-flavored ADHD drug called Liquadd (dextroamphetamine sulfate).

Approved by the FDA in March 2008 and manufactured by Auriga Pharmaceuticals, Liquadd is “the only oral solution indicated for the treatment of ADHD for children 3 years and older.”

Here’s the official Liquadd web site

What better way to truly get them addicted while still toddlers.


9 thoughts on “Bubble-gum flavored amphetamine for children

  1. by the way if you think we care about lil kids i dont think so plus a wisky flavour now thats awsome


  2. Gianna,

    The package insert mentions it should not be used with chilren under 3 years of age…Good thing we have an FDA, huh?

    This is more from the package insert….Guess some of it comes from the nature of giving amphetamines to kids! –

    Mental (Psychiatric) problems:

    All Patients
    • new or worse behavior and thought problems
    • new or worse bipolar illness
    • new or worse aggressive behavior or hostility

    Children and Teenagers
    • new psychotic symptoms (such as hearing voices,
    believing things that are not true, are suspicious)
    or new manic symptoms
    Tell your doctor about any mental problems you or
    your child have, or about a family history of suicide,
    bipolar illness, or depression.
    Call your doctor right away if you or your child
    have any new or worsening mental symptoms or
    problems while taking LiquaddTM, especially seeing
    or hearing things that are not real, believing
    things that are not real, or are suspicious.

    Excuse me for just a moment here Gianna…..I have to get something out of my system…..

    These people need to go to jail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There, all done.



  3. The idea of 3 year olds on meds makes me sick. All little kids have ADHD. THEY ARE LITTLE KIDS. Maybe we parents should focus less on drugs and more on teaching and understanding our children.


  4. Scary and more scary. The problems with giving young children psychotropic drugs is starting to come with more and more warnings. How can I real doctor possibly diagnose a child so young with any kind of mental disorder. When I was a kid it was called the sesame street disorder as the belief was that the show was made up with increments of thirty seconds a piece so the childs attention span was really short. The cure for the sesame street disorder was patience from the parents and teachers, get the kid outside and let him burn off the excessive energy and try to stick to a healthy diet. Now it is all about the medication and chances are we will pay for it in the long term.


  5. Hmmm, the kid on the right looks pretty doped up.

    The ramifications are so awful I can’t wrangle a proper comment out of it.


  6. Finally a drug, you will have to hide from your kids. Instead of pulling out your hair because you can’t get him/her to take it without a fight. Ohhh, we’ve all waited for this! What’s next? Whiskey-flavoured Zyprexa?


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