Pharma kickbacks and corruption

From (Reuters):

– The United States accused Forest Laboratories Inc of inappropriately marketing the drugs Celexa and Lexapro for children and paying kickbacks like spa visits to pediatricians who prescribed the drugs, the Justice Department said on Wednesday.

Prosecutors said the antidepressant Celexa was no more effective than a placebo when taken by children or teenagers, and, in fact, more patients taking Celexa reported suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide. (read the rest here) emphasis mine

This, is hardly surprising stuff unfortunately, but it’s always nice when it gets uncovered so blatantly for all to see because, again unfortunately, this sort of thing does surprise way too many people.

via: Furious Seasons You can read more details there.

UPDATE: more here today

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  1. I remember when I was on Celexa at one point as a teen. The time I was on Celexa was one of the most miserable times. When I got off Celexa I felt so great and that’s when that year headed upward. Celexa is a really crappy antidepressant. It made me feel like crap. Celexa was just really, really bad. Celexa is just a really crappy medication. It just sucked. I remember I felt so much better when I got off it. Bad med, bad memories.

  2. Duane and all, the US DOJ itself is Swamped with walk ins. They may be facing a 10 year backlog. Pharma is That dirty, and That used to getting away with it.

    “Whistle-blower lawsuits alleging that pharmaceutical companies and government contractors defrauded the federal government have created a backlog of more than 900 cases at the Department of Justice, the Washington Post reports. According to the Post, more than 500 of the cases involve the health care and pharmaceutical industries, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

    Patrick Burns, a spokesperson for Taxpayers Against Fraud, said, “Even if no new cases are filed, it might take 10 years for the Department of Justice to clear its desk.

    Which is all the More reason for every one here to keep digging, and keep dragging it out where America can See it, and demand that it be Cleaned up.

  3. You know, a citizen can call a US Attorney’s office, and/or write a letter…..

    Asking them to raise the bar….To treat a felony like a felony, and not like a misdemeanor….

    Challenging them to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law….Funny thing about prosecuting attorneys….way down, where they live….They like to prosecute….Just like a good chef likes to prepare a meal, and serve it!!!!

    It’s pretty easy….Their offices are listed in the phone book….as close as 411 on your cell phone…

    (Hint, hint)….


      1. In my experience, I have much better luck with responses using letters rather than the telephone. But in my case, I’m a better writer than speaker, and so that may be a factor.

        As for email, the local and regional politicians in my area, including members of the state legislature representing my district have responded to emails and I’ve talked to one on the phone a couple times. I stopped hearing from him after a while, before his re-election campaign, so I think they’re more open to communicating with constituents before and during their first term.

  4. Gianna,

    Grassley found a couple of these profs pretty close to home….UT/Austin, and UT Medical/Galveston….as Furious Seasons points out….

    My question is this –
    Why do we keep stopping short?

    In other words, if there’s a money trail, why aren’t we putting these people under oath and asking them if they tossed out data….How much data did they not report to the FDA….how much law did they break?

    And, why is the Justice Dept falling short as well…
    With felonies that are treated as misdemeanors?
    With fines instead of time in prison?

    I think it’s because the American public isn’t screaming yet…
    We are talking about it, and writing about it, but we aren’t out demanding justice….Asking for people to prosecuted….At the top –

    The CEO’s, the top management of these pharma companies are responsible not only for withholding information, falsifying the effectiveness and safety of these mind-altering drugs….

    They’re responsible for injury and death….Plain and simple….

    And, they need to be put under oath, given fair trials, and then locked up….for the protection of our youth, and our society.

    Call me a ‘radical’…..I could care less…..These are our kids…And, we have drug dealers parading around in thousand dollar suits who have no respect for the sanctity of their youth….their innocence…their lives!!!

    Lock ’em up!!!!!


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