We celebrated our 8 year anniversary tonight




Though the anniversary was actually Tuesday. Managed to go out to dinner and have a good time. I even hit it off with the waitress and we traded yogurt and kombucha making techniques. We exchanged phone numbers and she is giving me a kombucha mushroom!! Score!

We had so much in common as far as how we choose to eat natural and organic and make our own foods etc…I may have actually made a new friend!! It was great fun.

And though it was our 8th anniversary we’ve been together 10 years. So that seems like a special number too!

My husband had no idea he would end up going through this with me and he’s been an amazing good sport. It’s been a hard time for both of us. Having a seriously ill partner who is completely dependent on you is not easy. And it’s not easy for either of us.

So at least I was well enough to go out and celebrate our ability to get this far through a very tough time. And hopefully will continue to do better.

21 thoughts on “We celebrated our 8 year anniversary tonight

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  1. I’m so glad you posted this. The pictures are beautiful. Like you, I often need to depend on my husband’s help. It seems we are both fortunate in that we have kind and patient husbands. That is certainly something to celebrate and I’m so glad you felt well enough to do so.


  2. Congratulations! Such loving photos. It is an auspicious day for anniversaries! My brother and his wife celebrated their 30th, and a close friend her 4th.
    It sounded as if you shared a fabulous evening.


  3. So…while I was planting my garden last night, dripping with sweat, and getting so much dirt under my nails that it won’t even come out after two baths and numerous scrubbings, you were all dressed up and celebrating your anniversary.

    Congratulations! What lovely photos! I’m so glad you were able to go out and celebrate and have such a nice time. And ten years is a milestone! All my love to you and Paul!

    P.S. And how meaningful that you made a new friend after yesterday’s discussion!


  4. Mazel Tov, Gianni!

    What great pictures. Your husband looks and sounds like a fabulous guy… but then, you’re an amazing woman. It looks like you have a great marriage, great partnership, great friendship. And ten years together is no small feat.

    I send you my sincere congratulations and wish you both many more happy, exciting, eventful years together!

    Here’s to you!


  5. ]You both look so happy and make a lovely couple. Paul is handsome, and Gianna, you are stunning in that dress and red colored lipstick.

    I hope the critters got the two of you something good!



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