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3438-1Letting go is a central theme in spiritual practice as we see the preciousness and brevity of life.
Jack Kornfield

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  1. A Path With Heart was the first book I ever read on Buddhism, many years ago. I absolutely loved it and still do. Of course then, all these ideas were brand new to me, so it had that extra impact.

    Just in the last few days, I’ve been thinking of something else from this book – the idea of ‘stopping the war’. That is stopping the internal fight with our own being and mind. That’s what I need to focus on – acceptance. Well, letting go would be good too of course. But right now, for me, it’s going to be all about acceptance.

    Cheers, Ellen

  2. CK,
    I don’t think I’ve seen your pic before! you’re adorable!

    yeah…I love simple, short, sweet truths like these quotes…doesn’t mean it’s easy to take deeply into our hearts though!!

    It takes practice.

    I don’t like the image of Christ on the cross in general…I grew up in the church as well…though I DO love your interpretation of it meaning the death of the ego which is not such a hard conclusion to come too, but I don’t think I’ve thought of it that way before.

  3. Gianna,

    As you know, I’m a cradle Catholic.
    I’ve never owned a cross without the corpus on it….
    Each one I’ve ever put up in our home, has the body on the cross.

    The reason why, is that it serves to me – a reminder to let the ego die. I think the rabbi of a couple of thousand years ago fought the same fight each of us do – to surrender the will of the ego over to the will of the Spirit….One has an unquenchable appetite for more, and for doing things “our way”….The other seems to be quite at peace with life, and content with each moment…as it presents itself to us….

    We used to have a crucifix in each room of our old bungalow….Friends used to come by, and couldn’t help but smile….or, maybe it was partly that each of the rooms had a bold color paint on one wall….My wife being Hispanic, she loves bold Mexican color….

    Our bunaglow used to look like the home in “When Fools Rush In” with Selma Hayek….I still tease my wife about that!


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