Electroboy, ex-pharma sponsor now slams Abilify the drug he was pimping

This has been news for a few days, but this video cinches stuff nice and neat.

Andy Behrman, a former spokesman for Abilify and Bristol Myers Squibb, discusses his side effects from Abilify, the “wonder drug” of Bristol Myers Squibb.

8 thoughts on “Electroboy, ex-pharma sponsor now slams Abilify the drug he was pimping

  1. Yeah, Gianna, I’ll send you pics to post and write something up, sure!

    Susan: I think you might have me confused with another Kim; I’ve never written movie reviews. Nevertheless, good to meet you.


  2. Kim, Andy is one o fhe good guys, he has always personally been kind to me, which he didn’t have to be.

    I absolutely totally disagree with him on ECT and we have had personal correspondence and debate with this but we agree to disagree and he treats my opinions on this subject with respect.

    While I would be wrong in saying i agree with everything 100 percent of what he says, I don’t, nor can I say that about any blogger and I would hope they would say that about me.

    But andy is a good person, charming, considerate and kind. He asked for help with this and I am more than happy to do do so.

    You have my email if you want to talk off topic. I miss your movie reviews.


  3. CL Psych has been All over Abilify.

    Abilify, Depression and the Memory Hole.

    “Safety: The authors note that “adjunctive aripiprazole is relatively well-tolerated in patients with MDD.” Relatively? Relative to what — being hit with a baseball bat repeatedly? They note that akathisia occurred in 25% of patients on Abilify compared to 4% of patients on placebo. Restlessness: 12% vs. 2%; insomnia: 8% vs. 3%; fatigue: 8% vs. 4%; blurred vision: 6% vs 1%. The authors report that akathisia resolved in 52% of patients by the end of the study, which would also mean that for 48% of patients with akathisia, they were stuck with it at the end of the study. But don’t worry, it’s “relatively well-tolerated.”

    Cl Psych has more. Put Abilify in the search box there, and then figure that the Rest of Pharma’s $cience/Marketing is Right in line with it.


  4. fantastic t-shirt kimbriel…would love it if you wrote up your experience at the protest…think about it, eh?? to share here, if you’re interested??


  5. I’m not sure if Andy is one of the good guys…. just can’t decide yet. But yeah, I was on Abilify at some level for about 9 months. My doctor kept increasing the dose. Finally I stopped telling him I felt like shit and lied and said I felt fine. He still wanted to increase the dose. Stopped it, plain stopped it, after that. Here’s the Abilify t-shirt I just had made for the protest this Sunday http://www.customink.com/designs/abilifyf/12812165-2715282/hotlink?cm_ven=hotlink&cm_cat=2&cm_pla=Body_txt&cm_ite=design In the shirt, Dyskenisia is spelled incorrectly, but I had them correct it before printing. Love it!


  6. Calm down!
    It’s your first day. There is no magic… remember?
    I believe you are in good hands.
    But please, don’t worry.
    I’m sure you will not get worse.


  7. I posted it on my blog last night. Andy’s one the good guys, even if his book is rather adult.

    doing the happy dance with the cat to see my friend on line.

    i miss you Gianna.


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