Ginger good for nausea…

Again, something those of us who use alternative methods for healing have known this for a long time. I have chronic nausea from the withdrawal and I use ginger to keep it in check. It works very well. It allows me to eat the little I do eat, otherwise I would be eating nothing. In any case, ginger works for all sorts of nausea not just chemo caused nausea as suggested in the below article.

From WebMD:

Moms who give their kids ginger ale to soothe upset tummies may find this as no surprise: Ginger may help relieve the nausea of cancer chemotherapy.

In the largest study to date evaluating the benefits of ginger for patients undergoing chemotherapy, as little as one-quarter of a teaspoon of ginger cut symptoms of nausea by 40%

The pathetic part of this stupid news article? Most “Ginger Ale,” does not have an iota of ginger in it. So mothers are operating on old wisdom that ginger helps but giving a remedy that is placebo. Although ginger ale may help because it’s a syrupy drink like Coca-Cola which can also help nausea. But real ginger is a hell of a lot better for you than what is simply soda pop!!

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  1. Do you think ginger pills can work to ease nausea from an antidepressant withdrawal? Because I despereately need something to help it, everything over the counter I’ve tried so far does nothing for it.


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