Something funny happens…

When I go out of the house now. I am almost completely bedbound while in the house and rarely leave my house now, though occasionally I can make short trips to the store or go for a ride in the car to look outside or whatever.

I have regained the eyes of a child. The lack of visual stimulation and being shut in my house has made the world look strangely novel when I do venture forth.

I first took note of this when I drove down south a few weeks ago for treatment. I would get out of the car, where I was laying on a futon on the floor of a mini-van, also stopping my viewing of the world. Anyway, I would get out and wander into a convenience store and use the restroom and then walk around oddly fascinated with everything on the shelves.

All the color and variety! Strangely a pleasurable experience for my deprived senses. I started making jokes about it on the drive down. Who would ever consider a convenience store all garish and what not, beautiful?? Me!

Now I notice it every time I’m in a car as I look around the natural beauty that is my home, or the rare occasions I go into a store or now, I’m actually going to a doctors office daily as I’m finally getting my IV nutrients. I soak in the view whatever it is. Faces of new people, the forest, the food display in my health food store.

There is something beautiful in the way I soak up the world with my eyes. I wish it hadn’t come to me this way but it’s like I’ve awaken to the simple wonders of the world. And the wonder that is sight. Very strange.

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  1. Would it be the fact that you are off meds and your body is not being controlled by anything. Hence your awareness and your sence of being is so open, awake and alive.

    I like photography, and love being in nature. I can get carried away by the swaying of the branches, or the leaves on the ground or the clouds in the sky, with or without being on tabs.

    Sometimes when it is a sunny day, everyone becomes alive and ones awareness is very strong and appreciative of all around.

  2. Probably lack of stimulation is part of the picture. But I experience this too. Without having been deprived of sights. I guess, it’s also something spiritual or so. A change in awareness, that makes everything look different and new. It’s amazing. The most trivial things are suddenly awe – some.

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