Around the web this quiet holiday week

A few stories and articles that caught my eye:

  • DSM V: A Plea For Skepticism | Psychology Today — We are about to embark on new psychiatric diagnoses, as there is soon to be a revision of our current Diagnostic and Statistic Manual (DSM). This new reference book is creating quite the stir. In 1999 a DSM V Reserach Planning Conference sponsored jointly by APA and the National Institute of Mental Health was held to set the research priorities. The DSM V task force was established in 2007 and it consists of 27 members. In June, 2009 Allen Frances, head of the DSM IV task force, issued the criticism that that DSM V will cause “false epidemics”. He wrote that “the work on DSM V has displayed the most unhappy combination of soaring ambition and weak methodology”.
  • Books – Review of The Other Side of Sadness, by George A. Bonanno – Review – — the bereaved are far more resilient than anyone — including Freud, and the bereaved themselves — would ever have imagined.
  • Reconnect to Your Life Today! An Interview with Jack Kornfield — Jack is probably the man who most influenced my own early meditation practice. The influence has stayed with me. I’ve had the honor of spending time with him when I lived in the same county in California as he did.
  • Also, remember to watch the PBS series next week, This Emotional Life Jan. 4-6. Looks quite good!

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