Recipe for relaxation — can help get you ready for sleep too

yeah, I wish I had a tub this deep
yeah, I wish I had a tub this deep

I’ve posted this simple little coping tool a few times because it’s been so valuable to me and others I know.

I take a bath like this almost every day. Sometimes twice a day. There have been times when I’ve been too sick to manage getting in and out of a tub, but if there is anyway I can manage, it very rarely fails to give some modicum of relief. Occasionally I emerge feeling greatly better. On a good day it can be simply invigorating as well! I’ve shared this in various circles and people rarely give it much credence. I encourage you try taking a bath if your first reaction is to dismiss this. It’s simple and subtle but amazing.

  • 5 cups Epsom Salts
  • 1 cup Baking Soda
  • a few drops of  lavendar oil or other favorite calming essential oil (optional–some people find themselves sensitive to inhaling these oils, listen to your body — I in fact, have not been using the oils lately)

Poor all into a large tub and fill with water as warm as you can tolerate comfortably. Sometimes that may mean tepid water!  Especially in the summer. We can be sensitive to both heat and cold.

Soak 10 to 20 minutes.

Emerge refreshed.

Epsom salt baths are widely talked about in withdrawal groups and circles as well as alternative medicine sites. The thing is no one ever really says how much to use. This is a whole lot of Epsom salts and it really can help soothe. It’s by no means a cure all but it can help ease unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. It can also relax anyone who needs to relax. No extenuating circumstances necessary.

If you look around you might  find sources of bulk salts and the baking soda both. It can be quite inexpensive.

It’s a completely relaxing and refreshing soak. It helps with body pains as well as tension of all sorts.

Epsom salts is a source of magnesium that is taken through the skin. Oral magnesium is often suggested in alternative circles for relaxation as well but some people have trouble with it bothering their guts. This is often a more effective means of getting magnesium.

It can ease muscle and other bodily soreness and pain as well as anxiety or tension of most kinds.

This is also good before bed to relax before sleep

Be well everyone.

For more coping and healing ideas see here:  Adventures in Natural Pain Relief

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