Coffee — a critique

Mind altering drugs are drugs are drugs are drugs. Yup, legal, illicit or otherwise. And as this man in the video points out this is not about being hard-core anti-drug or anti-coffee. It’s about taking care of ourselves and not becoming DEPENDENT on artificial substances to keep us going.

It took me two years to quit caffeine after a life-time addiction. I’d like to make a note that I did not drink coffee upon adulthood until I was sedated on psych meds. Prior to that I abused it as a teenager to get high! Really. I would spoon several tablespoons of instant into hot water  and down it before going to school. I quit that by the time I was 17 years old because I knew it was making me unstable.

So I started drinking it again in an attempt to boost myself up while sedated on psych meds.  It ended up being one more dependency that I had to get rid of along with the 6 psych drugs. I was intensely addicted and I relapsed repeatedly, but finally I beat it. I’ve been mostly caffeine free for about 2 years. I rarely have a cup of green tea when I want a jolt. And that in general is no more than once a month.

Once after gettting “clean” I bought a cup of decaf and a health food store and they gave me a cup of real coffee. It was ugly. It was like I had shot up methamphetamine. Of course I’ve gotten chemically sensitive to everything. I do have adrenal fatigue like this guy talks about among my many health problems. I am eating and supplementing to heal that.

Here is a professional who understands the nature of stimulants and here talks about the most popular and celebrated stimulant, caffeine.

I highly recommend anyone who is on psych meds and drinks coffee in an addictive fashion watch this video, because we are even more likely to suffer from the negative effects of caffeine than other people.

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