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  • When Not to Buy Organic! — list of foods that are safe to buy non-organic and those that one should absolutely only eat if organic.
  • First Do No Harm and DSM – Part I: An empty slogan? | Psychology Today — A pragmatic conservative approach to DSM – First Do No Harm – as my colleague supports, is quite different than what Hippocrates meant by that idea. In fact, if DSM is nothing but a pragmatic common language, with little to no relation to real disease, then we can only do harm.

  • Sweet Sorrows – Depression and grief have great value | Bipolar Advantage — Suffering leads to growth; we see this all the time. One year of hardship will do more to mature a person than a decade of ease. Those who have suffered little often have trouble understanding those in pain. Tragedy releases wellsprings of wisdom, empathy, and art.
  • Robert Whitaker talks about the downside to psychiatric meds – The Boston Globe — I was quite surprised by the consistency of the long-term evidence. You’ll see the class of drugs introduced amid great fanfare, but right away, you’ll see perceptions like ‘Wow, my patients seem to be relapsing now more than they used to, and some of their relapses seem more severe.’ The researchers will at some point say, ‘Uh-oh, I think we’re actually increasing the [relapse rate] of the disorder.’ They’ll start to look at biology, and come up with a biological explanation. As you go forward from there, you’ll see observational studies.

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