Ketamine (ADDICTIVE RAVE PARTY DRUG) is “magic drug” for depression

I’ve written about this new use for Ketamine, a horse tranquilizer turned party drug, known as Special K on the rave scene. The excerpt below is the only part of the article that matters.

Ketamine is ‘magic drug’ for depression Telegraph

Glenn Garnham, a drug and alcohol counsellor for UK charity Admit voiced concerns over the study’s findings.

He said: “Ketamine is a very addictive drug which is normally used on horses. I deal with many people who are addicted to ketamine and it affects their life in the same way as any other addiction does, leading to serious problems with health, money, friends and family.

“It is already very cheap and easy to become addicted to – approving it for medical use might remove some of its stigma and lead more people down the path of addiction.”

I made these comments the last time I posted on Ketamine…they’re worth repeating:

Why, I wonder, don’t more people see the connection between illicit drug-use and psychopharm? One is legitimized, the other is not, but it’s all inextricably linked. We are a culture afraid of dealing with our emotions. That drug use may sometimes be legitimate, fine, and I would say that is true with both legal and illegal drugs, but let’s not pretend pharma is safer than “recreational” drugs. In fact when used long-term for maintenance, psychopharmaceuticals are often far more dangerous.

They’re more dangerous because we are lulled to think they are safe because they’ve been approved by authorities.

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