In celebration with Egypt

Here’s to the courageous and wonderful Egyptian people who fought the fight for freedom for themselves and for all humanity! What a wonderful day!

Lyrics: “I went down and I said I am not coming back, and I wrote on every street wall that I am not coming back.

“All barriers have been broken down, our weapon was our dream, and the future is crystal clear to us, we have been waiting for a long time, we are still searching for our place, we keep searching for a place we belong too, in every corner in our country.

“The sound of freedom is calling, in every street corner in our country, the sound of freedom is calling..

“We will re-write history, if you are one of us, join us and don’t stop us from fulfilling our dream.”

hat tip War In Context

UPDATE: I just heard the shocking news that 52% of Americans don’t know what’s been happening in Egypt. If you should be one of those Americans I suggest you start googling and find out about the most awe-inspiring, peaceful, loving and full of humor full on REVOLUTION that has taken place in Egypt!!

For updates around the clock watch Al Jazeera English live feed.

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