The many faces of Prozac

From The Bonker’s Institute:

Marketed under hundreds of brand names worldwide, including Felicium in Austria, Grinflux in Italy and Hapilux in Greece, fluoxetine is available in beef-flavored chewable tablets for dogs, mint-flavored syrup for children and attractive pink & lavender capsules for the ladies:

The many faces of Prozac for quite the photo montage at the Bonker’s Institute

In addition to mint-flavored Prozac® syrup for children and beef-flavored Reconcile® tablets for dogs, Fluoxetine Oral Suspension is available in other flavors to suit a variety of animal species: alfalfa * anchovy * apple * apple-molasses * banana * banana-marshmallow * bubble gum * butterscotch * butterscotch-vanilla * caramel * cherry * cherry-vanilla * chicken * crème de menthe * fish * grape * liver * orange * peanut butter * peppermint * piña colada * raspberry * strawberry * tutti frutti * watermelon * wintergreen.

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