Mental Health Peer-Centered Respite House seeks to hire a dynamic founding Executive Director (Vermont)

Steven Morgan, who has authored a good number of my favorite posts on this blog, sent me this job description for a position for which an organization he is involved with is hiring.   It sounds like a dream program. A purely peer run non-medical, safe place for people in mental distress to go. _________________________________________________... Continue Reading →

Developing an Unconditional Friendship with Yourself

Developing unconditional friendship means taking the very scary step of getting to know yourself. It means being willing to look at yourself clearly and to stay with yourself when you want to shut down. It means keeping your heart open when you feel that what you see in yourself is just too embarrassing, too painful, too unpleasant, too hateful.

Radio program with Robert Whitaker debating a biopsychiatry advocate

Brief radio program with Robert Whitaker giving a synopsis of his seminal work on psychiatry and psychopharmacology from while Robert Whitaker was touring Ireland: Robert Whitaker on Today With Pat Kenny (listen here) On the show also is an avid supporter of biopsychiatry, Patricia Casey who debates Robert Whitaker. From the programs website: The acclaimed... Continue Reading →

Stigma alive and well among mental health professionals

I made a phone call to a trauma therapist who is an MD as well (but not a psychiatrist). This is the email I sent him after he abruptly ended our  phone call and told me to send him an email if I wanted to talk to him more. I think I could hear his... Continue Reading →

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