Can Our Medical Model of Care Be Remade? — By Robert Whitaker

By Robert Whitaker author of Anatomy of an Epidemic and Mad in America (posted with the author's permission) Yesterday, I have to confess, I experienced one of the more satisfying days of my journalistic career1. Every journalist hopes that his or her writing will have an impact, and a few months ago, in response to Anatomy of... Continue Reading →

Irresponsible therapy as sorcery

Sorcery - the Seven Arts (Salvador Dali, 1957) You may find it remarkable that I am classifying therapists with sorcerers.  There is a fine line between the Healer who heals and the one who, due to ignorance, may cause harm.  In working with patients, I have found that archaic language and images are the best... Continue Reading →

Comparisons are odious

The conceit of self (mana in Pali) is said to be the last of the great obstacles to full awakening. Conceit is an ingenious creature, at times masquerading as humility, empathy, or virtue. Conceit manifests in the feelings of being better than, worse than, and equal to another. Within these three dimensions of conceit are... Continue Reading →

Trellis: this is your brain on (psych) drugs

When you stop taking a psychiatric drug, it's like you are removing the trellis. If you yank it out all at once, ouch; the plant is damaged and it collapses and it takes a long time for it to heal itself, and it's not going to be able to function properly for a while. (Hence the problems with c/t.) If you want to keep that plant functional you have to snip that thing out bit by bit.

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