Update: Action to uphold human rights successful

This is an upate to let you all know that Alison Hymes was NOT sent to a long-term facility this morning. Our efforts were successful. I think this proves that when we all band together, we can fight the oppressive forces of psychiatry. Alison had very little family support, but she had the love and... Continue Reading →


A friend of mine from San Francisco emailed me this photo he took in a local cafe with a note saying this made him think of me. Yeah, he knows me.

Psychiatry, anti-psychiatry and post-psychiatry

A nice little lecture presented by Liz Kearton, a social worker in the UK, about psychiatry and reactions to it. Packs a whole lot of information in just six minutes.

A profound teaching of healing in a deceptively simple package

So, what really happens when I embrace all these symptoms rather than fix (mask) them through psychiatric "treatments"? Hmmmm.... well, I very rarely have any of these symptoms anymore, and when I do, they don't last nearly as long. To be honest, I can't remember details of their recurrences anymore because they don't stand out like they used to. They are no longer "bad" or "horrible" in my mind or my experience, so why make a note of them? It's like having a rainy day. Who cares? It just happens. Anyway, my goal was never to make the symptoms go away. It just happened.

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