Guide to pesticide exposure on produce

This is a list of conventional vegetables which are most heavily impacted by pesticides down to those which are least impacted by pesticides. This is good information to have in the event, if you'd like to minimize exposure but save some money at the same time like I do. So basically you want to buy... Continue Reading →

Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

The title of this post is a quote by Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet. I thought of it when I read the below quote. When someone’s giving his view of things, I’ve caught myself taking a position before he’s even finished laying out his point. It’s a contagious sort of reaction that’s greatly magnified... Continue Reading →

NIH equates akathisia with “restless leg syndrome” – and Pharma smiles upon them

What does the critically thinking individual do with any doctor’s recommendation? RESEARCH. Does this professional know what he’s talking about?  What have the experiences of other patients been?  What kind of scientific data is available on the recommended course of treatment? And of course the first (and perhaps only) source of information most folks turn... Continue Reading →

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