More dietary tips for good mental health: today we’re looking at Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats

There are good bits and pieces of the puzzle for good mental health all over the place. Sometimes people aren’t aware that they only have one piece on the puzzle at their fingertips. Other times they are and they make sure the people they help get the other supports they need too. At Beyond Meds we try to collect as many natural, holistic methods of healing as possible on this blog. Diet and what we put in the body is an important part of the puzzle. Finding the right combination of wholesome means of healing and thriving is what we all need to do as individuals.

Profiting from mental distress

Just sharing a Comment is Free article from the Guardian. Nice little synopsis of a lot of what gets covered on Beyond Meds by Harriet Fraad. The excerpt: The New York Times recently led with a front-page splash about psychiatry's propensity to prescribe pills, "Talk Doesn't Pay, So Psychiatry Turns Instead to Drug Therapy". That news... Continue Reading →

“The seriously mentally ill die, on average, 25 years earlier than the general population…”

(exploring the source of a statistic) Are you familiar with this oft-quoted statistic: “people with serious mental illness served by the public mental health system die, on average, 25 years earlier than the general population”?  You see it everywhere – for example in TIME magazine, USA Today, and throughout the mental health blogosphere. It comes from this 2006 report... Continue Reading →

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