“…to help patients to find their own dream.”

"A need to control the illness and the sufferer hides itself in the shadow of every therapist. To ignore this is dangerous, the more so since patients often are ready to hand over their own power to 'one who knows'. I am convinced that, instead of imposing on the patient the meaning of his illness, it... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Psychiatrists’ Focus on Drugs and Emotional Distance: by Paula Caplan

This New York Times article "Talk Doesn’t Pay, So Psychiatry Turns Instead to Drug Therapy" was shared and commented on the other day by Gianna here on Beyond Meds. Today we share Paula Caplan's pointed concerns from her blog, "When Johnny and Jane come Marching home." Below is an excerpt of Caplan's piece: What’s Wrong... Continue Reading →

Diagnosis as a Naming Ceremony

Our modern society likes to draw a sharp dividing line between “religion” and “science.”  Religion is the stuff of ritual and superstition, while science is a beautiful man-made structure built entirely of FACTS.  Objective.  Proven. I don’t think it works like that.  Faith is an integral part of life – even in the presence of... Continue Reading →

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