On Disability Identity in an Ableist World

This entry is a guest-post by Jacks McNamara.  Jacks is a graphic artist, gardener, and spoken word poet, who lives in Oakland, CA.  As a sidenote, They identify as gender-queer, so their pronoun of choice "they/them/their" will be used throughout the post. They are subject of Ken Paul Rosenthal’s film, Crooked Beauty, which Gianna has posted... Continue Reading →

On anger…

  As a culture we swing from being afraid of anger to romanticizing it. I try to see anger for what it is, in myself, and neither fear it nor idealize it. We might romanticize the idea of being in touch with our anger, but in fact we don’t really enjoy the effects of anger.... Continue Reading →

Fascinating blog on evolutionary psychiatry (the topic today being cholesterol and bipolar)

I would say most cardiologists still believe that for cholesterol, the lower the better. In the diet, in the serum, in the liver, in the arteries. However, it is safe to say that super low cholesterol is not better in the brain. The dry weight of the brain is 60% fat and cholesterol is vital to synaptic function. Low cholesterol seems to be associated with Alzheimer’s, suicide, and violent death. The association with depression is spurious. Turns out, however, that people with bipolar disorder also seem to have lower cholesterol – and that it gets lower during mixed manic episodes [...]

Beyond Recovery? (guest post by Jeremy Gluck)

What is the basis for the current and growing obsession by society with mental illness? As someone apparently – hypothetically? – “recovering” from a “severe and enduring mental illness” you would think this opening to mental illness would to me represent a breakthrough and relief and even a kind of opportunity. Indeed, at various times it has been one or more of those. Yet now I wonder how much I want to live in what I call a “Supersick me” society where it seems everybody is due a diagnosis or seeking one.

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