SAMHSA’s 10×10 Wellness Campaign — spawn of a statistic (mentally ill die, on average, 25 years earlier than the general pop)

So I am compelled to ask: whose wellness is the SAMHSA 10×10 Wellness Campaign talking about? Without addressing polypharmacy and iatrogenic illness, it seems obvious the answer is not “the seriously mentally ill.”

Isolation and stigma in the art of Craig Hawkins

Stumbled across this series of paintings by the young artist Craig Hawkins the other day.  Beyond the stated themes of the series, I think they speak very well to madness, stigma, and dehumanization. His description of his work: A series that seeks to question the way we hide. Dealing with isolation, and compartmentalizing. What feels safe... Continue Reading →

Open Dialogue: a documentary on a Finnish alternative approach to healing psychosis

I first heard of the Finnish Open Dialogue Approach four or five years ago, and I remember searching all over the web for articles about it. It wasn’t so hard to find information about their data, but what I was really after was a better sense of what the people there were like, and how they did their work. What I would have loved to see was a film about them -- to hear the people who did Open Dialogue explain their approach in their own words. Ultimately, I never found what I was looking for on the web -- or anywhere, really -- so, I decided to create it myself. I spent two weeks filming in northern Finland, and about two months editing, and the film 'Open Dialogue' is the result!

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