Opposing the dominant paradigm in mental health and promoting holistic, person-centered alternatives

There is a lecture by Bruce Levine on youtube now. Thanks to Marian at Different Thoughts for calling my attention to it.

From Levine’s website I found this quote by Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of American Empire:

It is always refreshing to find someone who stands at the edge of his profession and dissects its failures with a critical eye, refusing to be deceived by its pretensions. Bruce Levine condemns the cold, technological approach to mental health and, to our benefit, looks for deeper solutions.

So enjoy the story of how he became who he is today, starting with his formal education in psychology. It’s really literally a joy to listen to.  If only all young people embarking on becoming mental health professionals could hear this.

Bruce Levine has shared several of his articles on Beyond Meds:

Books by Bruce Levine:

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