Mini-update: info that gave me a wee boost

Just thought I’d share this bit of possibly good news though I don’t read too much into it. The fact is right now I can’t even leave the house most of the time.

For whatever it’s worth, my doctor’s prognosis is that I will achieve complete recovery within two years. This in spite of the fact I can’t even talk to him right now and my husband does all the appointments by phone.  He is the only doctor of dozens I’ve consulted with over the years who I’ve trusted for any length of time. He actually gets it, it seems and has practical suggestions to help support my bodies natural healing process. I wrote one post about my work with him: Multiple Drug Sensitivity.

It’s a nice thought. Recovery in two years…after so many years of acute illness. But the fact is I’m still so very sick, I really have to take it with a grain of salt, for my own sanity. But he’s worked with people with my sort of brain injury before and says it can go like this…glacial improvement for a long time but then it speeds up…we’ll see.

Lots of cycles work on nonlinear dynamics like exponential growth curves, or a whole lot of nothing and sudden system-wide shifts and I do see it  in myself. I had a burst of improvement in the spring, then it slowed way down again. And with winter some things get worse…happened last year too, but still the overall trajectory is in the right direction.

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