Pharmageddon 2

I did one post on Pharmageddon, David Healy’s new book already. It’s a damning critique of our pharma controlled medical system. It’s worth a second post.

Here I’m quoting 1Boring old man’s, latest post. Mickey is a retired psychiatrist with lots of insight into this profession:

Dr. Healy’s Pharmageddon is one of those books to be read, not summarized. It’s not that it’s filled with new information. He sees what the rest of us see, albeit from the position more interior than most – a neuroscientist who has been embedded in the scene. He writes about the primacy of the pharmaceutical industry, the corruption of academic medicine, the rise of the clinical research industry and the sequestration of their data, the deification of statistics, ghost-writing, etc – the things many of us decry and can’t seem to stop writing about. But what’s different about this book is first that Dr. Healy doesn’t stop with this obvious symptom list, he goes on to generalize these symptoms beyond the boundaries of psychiatry and mental health to the entire domain of modern medicine [and perhaps beyond]. While most of us remain preoccupied with the self-serving greed that lies just under the surface of these symptoms, Dr. Healy rises above [or gets underneath?] the obvious and tells us stories of how former attempts to keep this predictable human force in check in previous times have backfired and lead us to the present – the law of unintended consequences prevails [with a lot of help from a determined industry]. (read the rest)

See David Healy’s page on Pharmagedon here.

You can purchase the book via Amazon here: Pharmageddon

David Healy has also been one of the few MDs who called attention to the phenomena of withdrawal syndromes with antidepressants. That is often how many of us has heard of him. He was aware of many of the issues with psychiatric drugs long before it became more common knowledge. This book seems to go well beyond psychiatric medicine, as it should. Our pharma controlled medical industry is literally killing us. This understanding is something that has yet to filter to the masses.

My favorite blog that confronts medicine in general is The Healthy Skeptic, which now simply goes by his name Chris Kresser. He does a great job of reviewing the medical literature and debunking all sorts of medical practice that has been supported by pharma. And then he actually teaches you how to take care of your body naturally! Solutions…not just criticism. We can learn to doctor ourselves in large part.

David Healy is also the author of: Let Them Eat Prozac: The Unhealthy Relationship Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Depression (Medicine, Culture, and History)

Also David Healy has started a blog and website that will collect info from patients harmed by psychiatric drugs. Go check out his new website. This is what we need, MDs and researchers collecting what we’ve been putting out into the blogosphere for years now. Great to see this new development.

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