Neurological and Psychological Correlates of Enlightenment

Jeffrey Martin takes a look at people who are deeply fulfilled in this TedTalk:

Jeffery is a Harvard trained social scientist who researches personal transformation. He specializes in bringing rigorous empirical research and testing to transformational techniques and theories that have previously been supported anecdotally. Jeffery is a leading expert on both intentionality and non-symbolic consciousness (enlightenment, nonduality, mystical experience, union with God/nature, etc.).

The people he’s looked at that are “enlightened” are across all of society. Among the poor, children and adults, middle class, rich etc…

The conclusion? If you are distanced from the stories you tell yourself you will be happier.  Ah, yes.

There are some really great tips at the end of this video that are worth thinking about. Most notably whatever you’re using for your personal growth at any given time may change and that people’s needs are hugely different from person to person. Something I try to underscore on this blog again and again. Growing spiritually and psychologically is NOT a one size fits all situation and it will never be.

It’s worth considering that for folks with very difficult emotional histories that his idea that if something doesn’t seem to be helping it’s not going to — might not be the case for all of us. Some of us need to go through some dark night stuff when nothing is clear at all. For those with trauma and abuse histories for example…those with a lot of emotional work to do for whatever reason…I just want to caution that it’s not always as simple as he makes it sound there at the end of the video. Still I do think that there is generally something within us that lets us know if we’re doing what we can to move through whatever mud might present itself on our path.

A book by Jeffrey Martin: The Fourth Awakening

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