We are Fluid Systems

This makes sense to me on some deep intuitive level. I’m clear that it is likely to sound rather “woo” to many people. I’ve not looked into the speakers work deeply enough to endorse it all, but I did enjoy this video and thought I’d share it.

Movement and the body and understanding my body has become the most lovely part of my journey. It is in becoming deeply familiar with this physical thing that is home to our essence that I am coming to healing and health.

That above video is in keeping with this video that I’ve posted before that I will share again now too:

Interesting and compelling thoughts by Mark Walsh on youtube.

How many of the world’s problems are connected to being alienated from our bodies?

My main practice to deeply acquaint myself with my body is yoga: Yoga at home

Yoga for me is both a physical rehab and a mindfulness meditation. There are many other ways to tune oneself to their body. When I walk I also mindfully embody my being and feel the movement of my body. When I wash the dishes, when I work in the garden. All of it can be part of this practice. Indeed all of it is yoga.

See too: Life as a meditation

Tai chi, qi gong and all the martial arts are all ways people do this work too. Dance and movement in general can all be transformed with mindfulness.

By Emilie Conrad:

● Life on Land: The Story of Continuum, the World-Renowned Self-Discovery and Movement Method

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