Early morning sky from savasana

One of my favorite things to do these days is yoga on the grass in my yard. The very best is early in the morning on days that there is not a lot of dew. Like today as we move into the heatwave of the year! Still this morning it’s still cool and lovely and having my feet planted firmly on the grass as I do my morning yoga is a lovely thing.

early morning sky from savasana
early morning sky from savasana

Yes, today it’s before sunrise too. I’ve been learning and practicing Yoga at Home. It’s an important part of my rehab.

Grounding with our bare feet to earth seems to be helpful. I wrote a post that included reference to a study that showed this to be true: Earthing: the science behind why it’s good to walk barefoot on the earth

I thought of sharing this view from savasana today because I woke up to read the post on Awareness blog today: Enjoy the outdoors, and since I consider my daily meditations out of doors a foundation to my practice I was inspired.

For those of you who don’t know what savasana is (also known as “corpse pose”) this is it: a relaxing yoga pose.

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