Healing Voices: a new film

Another great film to support and help make happen. HEALING VOICES Through the lens of individuals at various stages of their mental health story, HEALING VOICES will investigate topics including the stigma of psychiatric diagnoses, the role of trauma, pharmacology, alternatives to the Western one-size-fits-all medical model, and the power of storytelling in recovery.

Isolating? Withdrawing? Or do you just need alone time?

In mainstream mental health circles we are encouraged to believe that "isolating" or "withdrawing" is always bad, that it is in fact pathological. This is really too bad, as part of healing from mental distress for most people requires spending some time alone. Unfortunately, we find that in professional mental health circles this very natural inclination is often maligned and people are shamed if they show a propensity toward needing time alone.

Health benefits of yoga: infographic and info

Yoga is one of the primary methods of rehab I'm using for physical rehab from having been bedridden for two years. In addition to helping me physically it helps all aspects of my body/mind/spirit.

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