Festive winter root veggies

Fall has arrived on this hemisphere... I found the recipe that inspired this dish from Dr. Weil . I pretty much did exactly what he suggested but I only used some of the veggies he suggested. I didn’t include potatoes as I don't eat them. I also roasted the vegetables in a bit of coconut... Continue Reading →

Turning patients into hostages and more David Healy, MD insights…

Quite aside from transforming doctors into the perfect consumer in this sense, in 1962 it was not appreciated how much a mechanism designed to improve safety might in fact do just the opposite by transforming clinical encounters into hostage situations. Making drugs available on prescription only means that patients have nowhere else to go to get a medicine they need or think they need. They effectively become a hostage rather than a patient and risk the development of Stockholm syndrome.

Pesticide impact on veggies: #foodie Friday

This is a list of conventional vegetables which are most heavily impacted by pesticides down to those which are least impacted by pesticides. This is good information to have in the event, if you'd like to minimize exposure but save some money at the same time like I do. So basically you want to buy... Continue Reading →

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