Spirituality and Politics (activism)

In the tradition of Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr, truly spiritual people do not leave anyone behind. As long as we're on the planet it's our duty to care for it and everyone (of all species) on it. from Women, Nonviolence & Birthing a New American Politics

Chicken liver pâté ( #foodie Friday)

Well I know a lot of people don't like liver pâté , but if you like it as much as I do you'll find this very inexpensive version of the delicacy a delight. I've added organ meats to my diet that I might get the dense nutrition they afford while I work on healing my body through diet. Organ meats tend to be far less expensive than ordinary cuts of meat and for people on a budget they allow for high quality organice, grass-fed and pastured meats to be on the menu more frequently. Foods with dense nutritional value are very important for getting healthy if one is ill.

Orange juice expose: #foodie Friday

I've not drank fruit juices for a long time simply because they are high in sugar. Whole fruit is generally the only way I consume sugars these days. For any of us who have blood sugar balancing issues, whether that's diabetes or hypoglycemia any large amount of sugar, natural or not is best avoided. I... Continue Reading →

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