Thank you Ashley Judd, she speaks about sexual assault and abuse and trauma and recovery

I’ve heard her speak before. She’s a wonderfully articulate woman who gets it right.

Our bodies will hold this stuff until it’s made conscious and understood. Here are some ways of helping that process along:

●  Yoga for Trauma Survivors (and info on trauma and the body)

●  Trauma, Fixation and Reactivity – (Somatic Experience)

●  The body releases trauma and restores goodness

●  The healing journey revealed (trauma and transformation)

●  Trauma is often held in the body and experienced as chronic pain

●  Trauma release exercises (or tension release too) — the body speaks

●  ”When you put the psyche in motion it heals itself.” (embodiment)

●  Trauma, Brain and Relationship: Helping Children Heal


See also: My first sexual experience was rape. How I’m healing now.

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