Winter multi squash soup with tahini — #foodie Friday

This is the best squash soup I’ve made. The key ingredients that made it unique are the tahini and the cardamom. It’s rich and delightful.

I make lots of butternut and/or pumpkin soups every fall. You can trade out pumpkin or various single winter squashes of your choice for this soup. There is another pumpkin soup recipe on Beyond Meds here.


●  One small butternut, a delicata and a carnival squash (you can use all butternut or pumpkin too — trading out squash in squash soup is something I do all the time)
●  5 cups stock of your choice. I used homemade bone stock I’d frozen previously (add more if needed to get the right consistency)
●  One large onion
●  4 cloves of garlic
●  2 tbls shredded fresh ginger
●  1 tsp ground cardamom (this is potent, if you aren’t familiar with this spice start with less and see what you think)
●  2 tbls finely chopped fresh cilantro
●  2 tsp coriander
●  1/4 cup tahini
●  salt and pepper to taste

squash soup monica cassani gianna kaliRoast the squash until soft. Peel or spoon out of the shell and put pieces in blender with stock. Or alternately mix the pieces of squash into the stock and use my favorite small kitchen appliance, the immersion hand blender.  I add the ginger, cardamom, cilantro and coriander at this point too.

Sauté onion and garlic until soft. Add a bit of stock once it’s cooked and simmer a few minutes to soften it completely. Let cool briefly and then puree along with the tahini.

Combine the two purees, heat one final time and enjoy. You can spoon a dollop of plain yogurt on it if you like.

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