Another email to my shrink

do no harmI shared this on Facebook first. I’ve now decided to share it here too since I have an archive page in which I document all my correspondence with the prescribing psychiatrist whose treatment” made me ill.

See: Letters to my shrink

Today I sent him another email:

Dr. M:

when you and your colleagues neglect to offer people options so that they might actually heal you unintentionally commit human rights violations.

honestly…what might it take to stop and think about really offering choice and healing to the people you care for? I realize the system does not support other options just yet…but all it takes is numbers…others who also see what is actually needed to help people.

pretending you are not causing harm when you fail to consider non-toxic options is denial of the worst kind. healer heal thyself.

first do no harm.


To illustrate what I was talking about I included a link to the post from earlier today:

●  From “severely mentally ill” to med free, thriving and happy…it can happen to you too

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