Top 10 posts of 2012 with commentary


This year the blog hit well over  2 million hits to the blog! Let’s keep getting this info out and change the face of psychiatry.

This is a top ten posts of the year list with some additional commentary.

Some posts with very important information got the attention they deserved this year. I was pleased to see it also included a FUN post…one that stars Henry the Cat! The readers of this blog may be interested in some very serious issues, but we also know how to have fun.

So the top ten in order:

Minding Your Mitochondria: heal chronic illness with diet

Chemical imbalance myth takes a big public fall (no, antidepressants do NOT correct an imbalance of serotonin, nor do other psychiatric drugs correct anything at all)

Letting babies “cry it out” — the first experience of abuse for many children

That’s crazy: powerful documentary on the coercive nature of psychiatry

Some thoughts on stopping psychiatric medications

Tool box for coping with psychiatric drug withdrawal syndromes (and some chronic pain and/or illness too)

Will Hall speaks to the American Psychiatric Association!! (audio here)

OMG Funny!! (Ennui the Cat)

New video: Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs: A Harm Reduction Approach | Will Hall

Trauma release exercises (works with simple tension too)

The most trafficked posts from all time actually continue to be some from the navigation menu. Posts that have been getting a lot of traffic for many years now. It’s extremely satisfying to know that this blog is, indeed, used as the resource it’s intended.

So those posts from 1 to 10 are:

Lamictal withdrawal from hell    
Psychiatric drug withdrawal 101    
Gabapentin (neurontin) withdrawal    
Recovery Stories    
The truth about benzos (Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, Xanax, etc)    
Benzo Info    
● Lamictal redux    
Finnish Open Dialogue: High recovery rates leave many psychiatric beds empty    
Psychosis recovery

Lamictal withdrawal from hell, remains the all time most trafficked post getting close to 20,000 hits just this year. There are also close to 300 comments on that post from when comments were still enabled. Lamictal withdrawal can be rather heinous and there is not much information on that elsewhere. This post remains a destination for those suffering unexplained symptoms that are often denied by the prescribers.

This year also saw the 2 millionth hit to the blog! As of today there have been 2,116,249 hits. Let’s keep getting this information out and change the face of psychiatry.

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