Neuroplasticity: sculpt your brain the way you want it

Lisa Wimberger offers a 5 minute mini-lesson on the fundamentals of Neurosculpting.

Our prefrontal cortex regulates attention and thoughts with vast amounts of neural connections and a system of arousal and neurotransmitters. If we take no action, our default system can favor excessive stress response and disease. Science proved that focused attention and a perceived sense of control manipulates these connections and overrides stress and disease. Each time you feel “why me?” ask yourself instead, “what did I contribute to this?”. Then take responsibility by recognizing it, and then by creating a new story. This exercises the prefrontal cortex and sculpts neural connections with the right balance of norepinephrine and dopamine. YOU are in control of YOUR stories. (read more here)

See: You Are in Control of your Stories

From the NeuroSculpting Institute

Lots more on neuroplasticity on Beyond Meds here: Neuroplasticity: enormous implications for anyone who has been labeled with a psychiatric illness

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