Jun Po Roshi – Zen Master and Provocateur

This interview is really interesting. He speaks to narcissism as a legitimate path to awakening. I’ve had similar (somewhat heretical) thoughts before as well. I really enjoyed this interview.

from the interview:

When the Absolute looks at ordinary reality, Gods and Goddesses, bliss and energy, all the wonderful illusions you have disintegrate. You’re just not interested in it anymore. Eating a grapefruit, standing in the sunshine, are far more interesting. You’ve discovered the Divine Being, and you’re it. Not your ego, not separate-from or looking-at, but here.

hat tip to Only Everything

jun po roshiJun Po Denis Kelly Roshi is an acknowledged Zen master, with over 40 years of practice under his belt. Jun Po talks to be about narcissism on the spiritual path, what Awakening is, and how one can get started on the path to a deeper understanding of themselves, and their world.

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Jun Po Roshi’s website: Mondo Zen Hollow Bones

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