Egocentricity is the constant concern with how I feel, what I think, what I’m doing, what I want

“OUCH” says my iatrogenically injured self:

etchingEgocentricity is the constant concern with how I feel, what I think, what I’m doing, what I want — looking at what is and seeing it as inadequate. Identity is maintained by the struggle of wanting something other than what is. – Cheri Huber

But it’s oh so very true. Letting go of the narrative/drama that brought me here is imperative. Yes. Letting go is like forgiving. One need not forget, but there is no reason to hang on to any particular story or narrative. And in fact when one can frame one’s experience in a multitude of ways or in no particular way at all, there is great freedom in that.

At this point I can actually appreciate all the great gifts this journey has given me. I understand the nature of reality and the human condition in ways I would never have had the privilege to see had I not tread this path. So while I don’t recommend it and in fact my work is all about helping others avoid such a fate, I am grateful for what I have and for being able to help others with what I have learned.

Update: someone was concerned that they could not explain what happened to them if they “let go of the narrative.” This is not the case. Letting go means not being attached to the narrative. It doesn’t mean not using it when it’s appropriate. We are creatures that tell stories. We, in fact need stories. The key is the story can generally be told in a multitude of ways and different ways of telling it may be appropriate in different circumstances too.

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