What are the risks of short-term use of psychiatric drugs?

Another very important thing to consider from CEP.  This video further describes the dangers of having psych meds prescribed by psychiatrists that don’t understand the risks involved.

I think that short-term use is in some cases indicated for crisis situations (at least at this time when there are no meaningful alternatives supported by whatever meager infrastructure of care exists), but the fact remains that without MDs who actually understand the very real risks and dangers even short-term use can be dangerous.

We see many people on the withdrawal boards who find themselves having a hell of a time coming off psych meds even after short-term use. It’s not as common as folks having trouble coming off long-term meds, but it’s not rare either.

These things must be acknowledged if psychiatry is to ever be practiced responsibly.

from: Prof. Sami Timimi, child psychiatrist and visiting professor, University of Lincoln

I posted something yesterday from this group: Do psychiatrists understand psychiatric drugs?

 This is how they describe themselves:

cepThe Council for Evidence-based Medicine exists to communicate the evidence of the damaging effects of psychiatric drugs and treatments in the UK to the people and institutions that can make a difference. This evidence shows that psychiatric drugs, portrayed as useful and efficacious by many areas of the medical profession, can cause considerable harm to many patients, particularly when taken long term. Our members include psychiatrists, academics, withdrawal support charities and others who are deeply concerned about the prevalence of the ‘medical model’ and the increasing numbers of potentially damaging prescriptions being given to both adults and children.

For more information that you very likely cannot get from your psychiatrist see: Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

People are able to help themselves when information is made available. See: Drug free recovery from depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc…

AndPsychosis recovery: stories, information and resources


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