Observe, see the mental confusion and thus, heal

fernThe wise person, does really not look to change anything. They become quiet. They have patience. They work on themselves. They watch their thoughts, watch their actions and observe themselves getting angry, observe themselves getting depressed, observe themselves getting jealous and envious and the rest of it. Little by little they realize,”That’s not me. That’s hypnosis, that’s a lie.” They do not react to their condition. To the extent that they do not react to their condition, to that extent do they become free. They no longer care what anybody else is doing. They compare themselves with no one. They compete with no one. They simply watch themselves. They observe themselves. They see the mental confusion. They don’t run around shouting, “I am absolute reality. I am God. I am consciousness.” Rather, they see where they’re coming from and they leave everyone else alone.

Such a being unfolds at a fast rate. It makes no difference what predicament such a being is in. It doesn’t matter, for such a being is already free. When the mind rests in the heart, that means when the mind does not go out any longer and identify with the world, when the mind rests in the heart there is peace, there is harmony, there is pure being. When you allow your mind to go out of your Self it begins to compare, it begins to judge, it begins to feel offended, and there is no peace. There’s no rest. ~~ Robert Adams

A page with a database of Robert Adams audio talks here. All available for free download.

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