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Tickets are now available for purchase through our website here.

From October 9th through 12th, 2014, Mad in America will be hosting its first International Film Festival at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA.  Our mission is to foster the pursuit of social justice and human rights by bringing together an international collective of voices, perspectives, and artistic presentations that challenge the current mental health system and explore alternative understandings of “mental illness.”

The Festival Line-up

We have confirmed participants coming from across the United States, England, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, and Canada, all of whom share a commitment to mental health alternatives.  We are pleased to be bringing Elizabeth Kenny’s highly acclaimed one-woman play, SICK, to our Festival, and we will have a live musical performance from Dylan Tighe, an up-and-coming Irish singer-songwriter who’s written an album about his experiences of conventional psychiatric treatment.  Our days will be full of films, speakers, and panels, and we will have an opening night cocktail party, as well as a closing night Gala dinner and Awards Ceremony with music, great food, and lots of fun.

Tickets now on sale! 

Tickets are now available for purchase through our website here.

Travel and Lodging

We’ve also posted information on our website about travel and lodging to make it easier for those coming from afar.  As the fall is busy tourist season, we encourage you to book your accommodations as early as possible!

Here is a link to our press release, which is geared for media but has all the basic info to get someone up to speed on the content of this four-day event.  ​(​)​​.  This link is great to put up

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​Here’s a link to the Film Festival FB page:

And here’s a link to our Twitter handle:

It would mean a tremendous deal to us if​, over the next few weeks,​ you considered put​ting​ together a F​acebook​ status update ​or​ ​sent ​an email to your relevant ​listserves and ​contacts (you can copy and paste from​ any of​ these documents or from the press release if it’s easiest for you)​.​​ ​ Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!
Laura Delano
Festival Organizer
Mad in America’s International Film Festival
October 9th-12th, 2014
Regent Theatre, Arlington, Massachusetts,


Tickets are now available for purchase through our website here.


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