The most alive sadness in your heart

healingAs you wander through this world, you might become aware of the most alive sadness filling your heart. This is not the sadness of the mind, where something is felt to be missing, but is a reflection of how precious it is to have a human body, senses to make love with everything around you, arms to touch and hold another, and words to speak kindness. Just this is none other than a wild miracle.

Perhaps you find yourself more and more willing to welcome and stay embodied to your rawness and your tenderness, which are now forming the mandala that is your new home. You are moved to an outpouring of tears at a simple sunset, mad crazy in love with the one next to you, and taken to the ground as the moon comes up to share its melancholic sweetness. Lovers are appearing everywhere.

You never really know if heartbreak will visit you in the future – or if you will be asked to be the space for waves of grief, despair, hopelessness, loneliness, or vulnerability of all kinds. But you are willing to give everything for this world and for others, knowing that you may in fact continue to break apart, by love, into eternity. You are alive. Everything is just… so… alive.

You are willing to be a translucent vessel in which the purifying, creative, and destructive activity of love can find safe passage here. – Matt Licata

Matt publishes these lovely posts on his blog: A healing space

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